Hi everyone, welcome to what’ll be the final post of Sounds Good 2019! What a year it’s been. I’d like to take a post to discuss some of the significant moments as well as mention how I’d like the blog to be run in 2020. Firstly, I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who has supported Sounds Good this year. Whether it’s been reading the features, following the Good Sounds Playlist or even followed us on social media, it really means a lot.

2019 was a year full of highs and lows, and certainly full of changes. August saw the launch of Sounds Good PR, in which I should say thank you to all of the artists who got in touch and allowed it to take off smoothly. We also partnered up with Kaleidoscope to premiere their ongoing Kaleidoscope Sessions series. Those two particular moments have provided an exciting foray into a world I hadn’t previously explored, with the former becoming a saviour for the last couple of months. Everything was going swimmingly until the end of summer, in which circumstances in my personal life changed and I had to suddenly rejig things just to remain on my feet. This meant Sounds Good became a business and sole reliance for income, which started off exciting but soon became stripped of that by the end.

This is where I should mention that without SubmitHub and Musosoup, I don’t know how I could have coped financially. I do appreciate and know why websites like that exist, and why many music blogs strive to be exclusive on there, but it’s not why I wanted to start a music blog in the first place. It was all about music and featuring artists I love already and discovering artists I would grow to love. It was a rough couple of months and one that I felt stripped Sounds Good of its purpose a little bit. I am so happy to say that fortunately, life is stable once again and I can revert back to the old state of mind again.

But that’s enough of dragging down the mood; let’s talk about nice things again please!


The first announcement to make is that Sounds Good will be having its first contributor on board! Hopefully adding to and no doubt improving the quality of content is Casey, an individual who got in touch not too long ago and backed it up with some superb writing. You may’ve seen her Top 10 List posted yesterday, but she will also be taking submissions for reviews. Check out the new Contact page for more info. I apologise in advance Casey if this results in your inbox turning INSANE.

With that said, Sounds Good will be reverting back to email submissions ONLY. I’ve always felt that the best results have always come from email submissions, so will be going inactive on Submitub/Musosoup. I like the more conversational approach that comes with emails. They’re able to open any conversation with an artist/label/PR without putting either party on a pedestal. This is also the opportune time to announce the new email address for submissions too! I’ll no longer use the Outlook address but will be using adam@soundsgoodblg.com instead! HOW EXCITING.

Finally, Sounds Good will be switching to a new Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday schedule in 2020. This is to coincide with the days I work, allowing Mondays & Fridays to be dedicated solely on scheduling, content etc to allow a much smoother execution and make me appear like a blogger who’s got his shit together.

That about wraps it up! I hope this hasn’t been too wordy and also gives you an insight into what to expect from Sounds Good next year. I’m unbelievably excited to see how the next twelve months unfold. Thank you once again for all of the support and love shown. Long may it continue! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! Sounds Good will return in January with good music, good vibes, always. Much love!!  


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