Hit Me is the debut EP from 88/89. Having departed their respective careers, the London duo came together to create a project that investigates what it’s like to be in love. “The EP is about love, connection, and misunderstandings,” they explain. “Although the style of the songs is different, we wanted to find a journey in the order.”

The best place to start would be tackling the notion of feeling so loved it’s almost intoxicating. ‘The Man’ kicks off the EP with a larger-than-life sound full of bravado, seemingly ready to take on the world. Bolstered strongly by jovial synthesisers and a chorus that’s full of confidence complete with Jungle-esque vocals, it is a fantastic song that really makes you puff out the chest and throw a middle finger to anyone who’s watching.

‘Virginia’ follows with an equally empowering sound. Shifting towards a more direct, rock-influenced instrumental with booming guitars and concrete verses, it highlights the duo’s self-confessed naivety in operating at different directions while recording Hit Me. “As a duo, we are quite young in our process and went in a lot of different directions at the beginning which I think you can hear in the tracks.”

However, the different avenues only make the EP more exciting than it already is. ‘Different Stages’ opts for more synth-heavy sounds, time traveling back to the 80s where the instrument was at its most experimental. The title track is something you could hear from a John Hughes movie, complete with uplifting, coming-of-age instrumental that disjoints itself the second it strikes the hips. All these ideas help the EP sound fresh and able to keeps you on your toes. Even after repeated listens, you won’t be sure what to expect.

Hit Me is a terrific EP from 88/89. It’s a loose mix of psychedelic-pop and one that’s fluid enough to take on other genres along the way. Each song sounds absolutely massive, and worthy of your attention. I am fully prepared to get lost in its world over and over again.

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