Hey everybody! Last Monday, Sounds Good turned three years old! Utter madness. It seems like yesterday I was pushing it out of my womb and into the world of music, popping a pair of headphones on it as it crowned. Gross imagery aside, I wanted to celebrate the occasion with a post that kinda celebrates and discusses everything that’s happened so far. Chin chin!

Unfortunately I’ve had no Wi-Fi at home for the past week so this is all a little belated, but blame the individual who legitimately ran their car into the cases of cables and wires outside my house. Cheers mate. I’m going insane.

Three years ago I was stuck in an awful routine of taking breaks from blogging for my last music blog (Exploding Head Syndrome, RIP), wondering if I should pack it in for good. The solution was to start anew, with a music blog that refused to be negative and wanted to bring good vibes to anyone who stumbled by. So, after thinking of a name for two minutes, Sounds Good was born.

Without Sounds Good, I wouldn’t have made friends with people who are so much more talented than I, connected with PR and labels who simply wanted to help others, and heard of artists who have become genuine favourites of mine. This isn’t a post to celebrate three years of existing, but three years of connecting with all of you. The relationships and opportunities made within that time is something I’m forever thankful for. Without you, there’d be no Sounds Good, so thank you.

Things will continue to be a little quiet for the moment while I settle into PR life, but I do want to get back into blogging soon. Next month looks to be the perfect time to do that but until then, I’ve updated the Good Sounds Playlist with ten tracks showing off what I’ve been listening to recently. ENJOY.

Good music, good vibes, always. Thank you. Xox.

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