If there’s one thing that links people together, it’s heartache. It’s painfully real and hits painfully close to home, and Amie Jay’s single “Ricochet” (featuring Ryan Stavrou) gives voice to this phenomena.

As a girl in her early twenties with one failed relationship under her belt, there’s nothing I love more than a good breakup song. Something about breakup songs just hit different, you know? Amie Jay’s song is one of those breakup songs that knocks the wind out of you. Not because it’s this loud bombastic number, but because it’s the opposite. The song almost sneaks up on you with it’s sorrow. Amie Jay sprinkles these heartfelt and broken lyrics in between guitar strums, slowly building to the chorus saying things like “I could run into your arms again and we could promise that we’ll play pretend” before going back to the slow strums and the melancholic vocals.

The song itself mimics the feeling of a break up. This kind of hypnotic repetition of the guitar strums and the tone of Jay’s voice just lulls you into this state of heartache: you feel what she feels. I think it’s quite a testament that we can hear the sorrow in Jay’s voice and we find it relatable, not pitying. The music video, released February 29, only adds to the song, and adds a little to what Jay’s upcoming EP is going to touch upon: the breakdown of a relationship in 5 songs. In the music video, we see Male and Female go through the happy moments of their relationship, spliced in between their eventual breakup. We see Female walking through town, facing each of their relationship landmarks to return Male’s guitar. This stinging feeling that follows the aftermath of a breakup is exactly the feeling that Jay’s song evokes.

While the song is basically heartache personified, it’s a testament to Jay’s writing and vocal ability. She touches upon the dark and painful feelings of a breakup, desperately wanting a resolution but knowing one will never happen. With one song being able to evoke this much, Amie Jay is definitely on my radar, and she should be on yours too.


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