Last year Holly Ann released her latest EP After All of This Time. As you could probably tell from the reviews of it & lead single “Say So” – I liked it. A lot. One of the best things about running a music blog is that not only is it about promoting good music for your ears, it’s also about discovering good music for my own little library too. Interviews are something I’d like to do more of this year, so I’m excited to kick it off with Holly! In this chat, we discuss the release of her EP, how her creative process has changed through her career and also her plans for 2020.

Have a listen to “Say So” below and check out Holly Ann on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Hi Holly, how’s it going? Hey! Going well, thanks! 🙂

It’s been a couple months since the release of your new EP After All of This Time which we really enjoyed. What can you tell us about it? Yes! Time flies. And hey- thanks! Always such a gift to me to hear when people like my work.

After All of This Time is a collection of six songs that are all kind of my internal dialogue about life, as I’ve experienced it, over the last several years. A lot about love- both romantic and platonic, and kind of an overarching theme of grappling with where I’m at now verses maybe what I had thought or had hoped my life would look like at this point.

Could we see the ideas and songs featured expanded into a full length eventually? I think this set of songs feels complete for now. I’m not 100% opposed to re-recording a favourite onto a full length album but as of how I feel at this moment… these songs belong just on this E.P. But I’m fickle, so ya know… don’t hold me to it.

Has your creative process changed over the course of your career? Do you find it easier to write music? In general, I think it’s a bit harder for me to write now. Harder to get away from the business of life and I’m constantly fighting this “You’ve already written something like that” narrative going on in my head. But on the flip side, I’m proud of the progression of my writing. The lyrics feel more honest and raw as I age and I think I’m growing in my ability to sort of, self-produce and self-edit to get a song where I think it needs to go. Songs on my first record, Ravens, I have distinct memories of writing in literally 40 minutes and being like great! It’s done! Ha! That rarely happens now, but if it does I’m willing to go back to it and rearrange things and edit lyrics or melodies instead of just deciding if I wrote 3 verses and a chorus a song must be totally done! Ha!

I really laughed at your EP announcement post on Facebook in which you made a joke about big publications not knowing who you are. Is it tough for an independent artist to get that reach towards that level of recognition? Glad you got the joke…a few people totally though Pitchfork seriously covered my EP release!! Lol.  I think it’s tough- yea. Historically I haven’t had the budget to hire PR and being my own salesperson is really basically my worst nightmare. So there’s that! But honestly I think it takes someone of influence telling people that you deserve to be listened to and I just haven’t had that. Not that I’m not genuinely proud and grateful for the small fanbase I have, but for sure there’s always that piece of me that wishes some A&R from Dead Oceans would randomly discover me ask me to open for Phoebe Bridgers.

Have you got any other plans to release music this year? I’m sure I’ll release more music in 2020! Probably a single or two that’s a bit more low-fi production wise. But it’s easier now to get music out quickly so, might as well! I’ve also got a duet record of spiritual songs coming out in 2020 with Josh White on Deeper Well Records and my husband and I have a shoegaze rock project we will be releasing some tunes for in 2020. So actually now that I’ve typed that all out…the answer is definitely YES!

Finally, if you could end this interview on one final thought, what would it be? I feel like I can’t say thank you enough to people that take the time to pay attention. People that listen to my music, read this interview- to people like you who are willing to interview a lil’ fish in the music pond like me! When I get bummed on myself because Paste Magazine didn’t call and I made 10 cents in streaming royalties for the day… my spirits always get a boost when I think of my genuinely amazing, small and mighty fan base. So yea…Thank you.

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