Jackson Reed is a singer-songwriter and not too long ago you may have read the review of his wonderful EP The November Gales. The collection of autumnal acoustic tones with strong, reminiscent lyricism really wowed me, so I just had to have a little chat with the guy. Below is An Interview With Jackson Reed, I hope you enjoy.

Hey Jackson Reed, how’s it going? Good! I’m on my way home from a show in Montreal. Fog Lake Molly Drag and Lovers Touch played and it was nice to make new friends.

What’s the story behind the creation of Jackson Reed? My mom and dad made me! Haha. I think it started with the Juno soundtrack. When that came out I started writing songs because Kimya Dawson made it look so easy.

Tell us about your new EP ‘The November Gales’. What inspired it? Where I grew up on Lake Superior the waves get really big and I just found out that you surf the cold water in the fall. The songs are about love… haha.. which is pretty cliche but I think it comes out nicely.

It’s an EP that tends to reminisce a lot. Was this the decided theme or did it just happen naturally? It just happens naturally! I didn’t really notice, but I guess I do talk about nostalgia and memory a lot in this EP. I like to sing about my experiences and things that happen.

Are you somebody that tends to think a lot about the past? Yeah totally, it’s really nice thing to do. I guess sometimes you can get stuck back there. Which isn’t good. You gotta move forward all the time.

What’s next for Jackson Reed? Touring, new material etc I want to make a full length and record with Jonas again. I’m playing shows this month in Guelph, Ottawa, Peterborough and opening for My Father’s Son in the Soo.

And finally, if you could bring this interview to a close with one final comment, what would it be? I’m looking out as the sunsets over Ontario and it’s really beautiful!

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