Two weeks ago we featured ‘Porcelain’, the debut single from Philadelphia’s The Lunar Year. We absolutely adored how fragile and beautiful the track was, and somewhat enjoyed how heartbroken it left us. The band received a lot of buzz off the back of it, and we’re very pleased to have held an interview with them! I’m personally hoping to hear more from these guys again soon, and to work with them in the future once more. Take a little time out of your day to read our exclusive interview with The Lunar Year, and enjoy. P.S: How cool is that bio suggestion?

Hello The Lunar Year, how’s it going? Hello! We are doing pretty fine over here. Thank you for taking the time to interview us.

What’s the story behind how The Lunar Year came to be? Who influenced you enough to decide to start creating your own music? I started writing when I was a teenager and really didn’t do much with it for years. It was actually my husband who pushed me to pursue it. I really never had a desire to perform or be in any kind of spotlight, big or small, probably because of a fear of failure. I would just sit in my living room with my piano doting on Bon Iver and Paul McCartney and try to write a song that came somewhat close to something they would approve of if they ever heard it haha. But my husband really pushed me to take a chance and believed in me. Once I decided to, I ended up falling in love with performing with other musicians and my relationship with music grew to an extent that I didn’t know was possible.

What can you tell us about your new single “Porcelain”? I suppose Porcelain is a love song but not necessarily a happy one. The best way I can describe it is appropriately bleak. I think a lot of people relate it to toxic or extremely passionate yet tumultuous romantic relationships. It was really wonderful to write that song and I enjoy hearing what our fans think about it. My friend Hayden Arp, who has his own incredible music projects, sings on it with me and I was grateful that he wanted to.

The single has received quite a bit of buzz since it’s release, how does that feel? We were kind of shocked that it was getting played so much. I mean, we are biased and thought it was an amazing song but didn’t really expect others to I guess! It’s weird/awesome getting facebook messages and emails from people now saying “Come to Germany!” or “Come to Taipei!” and I’m like “Hell yeah…but like please give us money because we’re too poor to do that right now!” haha but I am so thrilled that people are enjoying it.

Would it be a factor you’d think about in future releases? I learned a lot from this release (what to do and not to do) and the success it’s been gaining so yes, I think so.

What’s next for The Lunar Year? New music, touring etc Right now we are recording a full album which I’m so excited for. We’ve spent the past year cultivating a handful of songs, old and new, and I’m dying to release it. No official date yet, but we are hoping for June. I am also heading out to California for a number of months and will spend some time writing and doing solo shows. I’m also planning a small regional tour for this Spring.

Finally, we’re rubbish at making a bio for our Twitter page. If you could do us a solid and make one for us, what would it be? Haha okay lets see…”First class blog that features the most excellent in the music world. Friendly weirdos welcome. Non-douchebags welcome.”


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