Andrew Martin is a multi-instrumentalist from Brisbane and this is his new single “Let This Go Again”. It’s the first taste of what to expect from his upcoming EP Andy, which is planned for release towards the end of year. I am very excited to premiere it to your ears today.

Speaking on the new single, Andrew says “”Let This Go Again” basically highlights the highs and lows of the point where a relationship is finally coming to a close. It delves into old, happy memories, and how they went from good to bad to worse. It sheds light on the situation at times, but ultimately, is a break up song.”

The combination of highs and lows really comes in strong on this new tune. A bright, upbeat instrumental is heard throughout, built by stomping beats, shimmering melodies and sunny harmonies, but cutting past these layers are Andy’s vocals, which emit an emotive set of lyrics that reveal vulnerability and heartbreak. It’s an interesting contrast but one that showcases his range, and allows the real high moments on the track to form naturally. I love the way the lead melody ties in with the harmonies, and the way it flourishes with contributions from horns and extra vocal tracks too. What a tune.

Listen to “Let This Go Again” below and check out Andy on Facebook and Instagram.

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