Sometimes creativity can get washed out in the vast world of Music. The mainstream often falls victim to forever chasing the next best hook before sounding entirely the same throughout, and it does paint a bad reflection on the state of modern music. HOWEVER, Apeman Spaceman are a fourpiece from London, and boy are they creative.

With a bio boasting reflections of a modern world gone wrong, and creating characters for material such as the agoraphobic girl lost in a teacake (to be fair, they are nice), or the sci-fi Romeo hanging around in space at a rehab unit, these guys sound like good fun. ‘Check Me Out’ is their new single, and it is dead good and equally as fun.

A continuously frantic drum beat collides with deep basslines to form a sound that definitely gets the blood pumping. The almost-rambling vocals deliver lines of heartache and hooks that add accessibility to the mix. Guitars warp and growl amongst the layers before tearing through with one hell of a cool riff, before exploding into a surprisingly melodic thunderstorm. ‘Check Me Out’ is awesome, and certainly fits the schizophrenic nature of the band’s sound. Nice one.

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