Australian artist Ashton Orion kicks off her career with the scintillating ‘Uneasy’. Offering experiences in dealing with self-doubt and anxiety, this is one of the boldest introductions of the year.

Ashton Orion is an artist from Australia and this is her debut single ‘Uneasy’. It’s about dealing with feelings of self-doubt and anxiety, often discovering that ‘uneasy’ has become a default emotion. As someone who deals with these thoughts too, this is a song that immediately struck a connection with me. It’s also got a cracking video too. My favourite part is when Ashton creates an (frankly) excellent picture of a lemon with a typewriter.

With subdued synths, minimalist percussion and atmospheric harmonies, ‘Uneasy’ is a song that perfectly illustrates the feeling of having the above thoughts and emotions play on your mind. However much like an individual, there’s personality and character within these subtleties. I love the bass that warps in the background, the slight snap in the percussion, all of which is led wonderfully by Ashton’s vocals. Her vocals lead ‘Uneasy’ into its biggest moments, letting go of the burdens that steep the lyrics.

‘Uneasy’ is a fantastic song from Ashton Orion, and one of the best debut songs I’ve heard this year. It’s got a very relatable topic behind it, but the instrumental keeps things as bright and vibrant as its music video.

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  1. Honestly just close your eyes and listen to the words, this song has resonated with me since my father passed away and been struggling with depression. Songs and lyrics can get you through the darkest times of you just listen

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