Ashton Orion returns with ‘My Own’, her first single of 2021. The Australian artist experienced quite the debut year. Releasing three singles that showcased her talents as well as a freedom to explore different moods and genres, culminating in the darker ‘My Shelter, My Prison’ which fit the winter months perfectly. Now with ‘My Own’, Ashton looks to continue the exploration further.

Existing initially as a piano and vocal demo, the new single transforms what was once an intimate setting into a cinematic sound that extends far beyond the reach of its previous form. Ashton’s vocals soar and wander alongside pianos that switch wonderfully between sombre melodies and huge, uplifting moments for its chorus. The contrast is night and day yet packed within this vast atmosphere.

Subtle inclusions of percussion and strings add to the cinematic vibe of the song. Really fitting in place with the lyrical content, which sees Ashton battle the pros and cons of distancing away from others. It’s great, and really fulfils in bringing that big sound to the ears.

‘My Own’ is another song of Ashton Orion’s that feels more like an experience than just another track. Once again, I’m excited to hear how much further she goes with her sound.

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