AWAZE release new single ‘Sorry Looking Boy’. We last heard from the Swedish trio back in 2019, but now they’re back with GUSTO. Determined to release a new single every month of the year. The latest revolves around an individual who has anxiety despite having everything, and only does things he feels “successful people do”. One of those is going down on his wife. Come on, dude. Don’t you know everybody loves eating out?

Full of riffage, intensity and some excellent lyrics (“EVERYONE’S AT THE PARTY/STUPID FAT AND SORRY” – I feel so seen.) to shout out loud, ‘Sorry Looking Boy’ really comes at you big. Its intro batters the speakers with a set of rolling drums and guitars that bash the skull and rattles the brain with fury. Though there are moments of clarity on the track, it’s this driving force that really keeps it memorable.

The chorus sees a shift towards a dreamier atmosphere that almost dances its way through the heavy smoke. Little sparkles of sound ring out from the layers, bouncing against the showtune-like vocals to essentially cut the song in half with its contrast. This allows the heavier moments to stand out even more, especially the closing section. That part just sounds on the verge of falling apart.

AWAZE have certainly made a good impression on me. ‘Sorry Looking Boy’ is a forward-thinking tune that hits hard, featuring some excellent riffage you wouldn’t hear anywhere else. I’m hoping this high energy and momentum travels throughout the rest of the singles they release this year.

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