It’s always a pleasure to listen to a new release that absolutely sweeps me off my feet. This time, it’s South Carolina natives Babe Club who I’ve fallen in love with. With a name like Babe Club, I was instantly drawn in, and wondering where to send off my application to join. Then, I listened to their debut EP Remember This Feeling and it was settled. Babe Club are insanely cool, with a one-of-a-kind sound that needs to be played loud, proud, and on repeat. 

Opening track ‘Future Talks’ introduces the group’s grunge-infused production which carries throughout the EP. With added interjections of sharp synthwork, this number defies any sort of genre or era, instead encompassing an anthemic, universal feel . ‘Together’ is less rough around the edges, with exceptional, emotive guitar accompaniment and dreamy vocals which make for a pretty solid love song. 

On what is by far my favourite track from the record, ‘Automatic Love’ offers a sultry edge. Its lyrics are laden with themes of adultery and desire, delivered over an expansive landscape of hazy guitar and light percussion. ‘Need A Girl’ expresses a yearning feeling to escape reality with a female lover, and once again stays true to Babe Club’s well-refined soft grunge sound. 

This EP is totally seamless, all the way up to the final track ‘Expectation’, which retains its Babe Club charm (read: silky guitar riffs). It’s an impressive ballad, drenched in melancholia, with a soaring bridge that culminates in a minute-long breakdown that lets you sit back, absorb the experience and, well, Remember This Feeling.

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