Okay, so this album might’ve come out in February but I don’t care. Sometimes you discover things late, like Red Dead Redemption, Better Call Saul, or finding out you’re pregnant. Honeymoon is the first album from Beach Bunny, a project that found viral fame after their song “Prom Queen” began making the rounds as THE song to play on TikTok. Again, I’m still trying to wrap my head around what TikTok is. I’m late to that as well.

Opening track “Promises” kicks off the record with a furious flurry of Grunge-y guitars and melodies that really encapsulates the feeling of the 90’s. I really like the steady build towards the chorus, which lets loose with an explosion of noise that’s driven by Lili Trifilio’s vocals. It’s followed nicely by “Cuffing Season”, which sees eccentric drums ramp up the pace with a nice theme of isolation and loneliness to cut a strong contrast between instrumental and lyrics.

I cannot stop listening to “Rearview” and its heart-wrenching lyricism, before letting loose with another mammoth wall of noise. Not to say that this album is nothing but giant walls of noise – “Colorblind” adds a quirk to the mix, delivering a Paramore-esque instrumental that revels in its sunshine, featuring duelling guitars that counter attack with all sorts of jangly melodies.

Honeymoon is a great album from Beach Bunny. It’s got that ability to be played in the background and left on an endless loop, never becoming stale or dull. Each song is crafted so solidly that blends the soft, emotive power of Lili’s vocals with the thunderous quality of the instrumental. Sure I discovered it late, but it deserves to still be raved about.

Listen to Honeymoon below and check out Beach Bunny on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  

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