Cast your minds back to last November, if you will. What are you doing writing about something so far in the past I hear you wail? We are 30 lockdowns, 9 coups and 84 political crises further down the line. But, dear reader, I am righting a wrong. In November, Biig Piig released ‘Feels Right’. I let this song fly past your radar, and for that I am sorry. ‘Feels Right’ is one of the best singles I have heard in the last six months and it would be a travesty for you to miss it. 

Irish born, Spanish raised, and London based Jess Smyth is Biig Piig, a member of DIY collective NiNE8, which also boasts the likes of Lava La Rue and Mac Wetha. If you care about innovative young talent you better get on the trails of NiNE8 and its members. They are exciting and inspiring in equal measure, and an excellent example of what can be made when creatives are committed to lifting each other up. Smyth herself has been releasing her music since 2016, and garnered attention and acclaim after recording a COLORS session of her track ‘Vice City’ in 2017. I remember seeing her recording a session at BBC Introducing Live a few years ago, around the time of her first official label release (with RCA) ‘Sunny’. 

November’s offering, ‘Feels Right’, is an anthem for the anticipation of nights out. Smyth’s vocals have never sounded so spellbinding. Their sweet quietude against the funky pulses, snaps and cracks of the production, is pure lustful swagger. She’s the main character, the anchor amid all the possibilities for the night, and she knows it: ‘I heard you wanna be in the driver’s seat/ So keep up’. 

If you, too, miss being lost amongst people, riding the collective energy of a room, or a night, or a single moment, ‘Feels Right’ is for you. It will worm its way into your muscles and have you seeing lights, and bodies, and all that joyful chaos. 

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