Bikini Trill are a trio from LA and Wassup, We Good? Is there debut EP. Before I even listened to it I knew from the artwork alone that I’d be in for something good. Those are some cool-ass designs which I believe the band do themselves, so hell yeah we good. I’d love to get my hands on them designs.

Bikini Trill

As expected, Wassup, We Good? is an EP that fits the chilled aesthetic of it’s title. There are a number of quick instrumental tracks scattered throughout that not only cement these vibes but also showcase Bikini Trill’s ability to create something entertaining. Regardless of if you’re in Space or not. ‘Napster & Acid’ sets the tone, whilst ‘Chapo Howl’ lets loose with Reggae-esque guitars and basslines that seem to walk straight into the mind. This certainly gets the EP off to a strong start, and with a song like ‘Smoke a Jay and Watch Yourself Dance’ following, you know you’re in for something good.

It’s simply feel good music and I cannot get enough of it. ‘Need Me’ is a floaty little exploration into Space with wondrous harmonies, the excellently named ‘Scarlet Begonias’ struts it’s stuff and ‘2:25am’? What a great time to be alive. Bikini Trill have got themselves off to a superb start and have certainly left me excited to hear more from them soon.


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