Bloxx deliver bop after bop on high-octane debut album Lie Out Loud.

Once upon a time, bored of the stagnancy of unfulfilling jobs and book smart mentality, a group of misfit kids decided to start a band. Championed by lead vocalist Fee Booth, Bloxx was born – they hit the ground running and never looked back.

An amalgamation of pop sensibility with a razor-sharp edge derivative of grunge, BLOXX’s sound has been shaped and nurtured over the course of an exciting career which has led to this moment – the release of the group’s first full-length record. It’s a stones throw away from the likes of their earlier work, comprised of all the elements of their signature style, yet showcasing an impressive sonic progression which shines through on this stunning debut.

I’m not just saying this, but there isn’t a single track on Lie Out Loud that I don’t love. It’s unsurprising, considering every teaser track which was released in the run up to the album was a banger. Certainly, my expectations were high, and Bloxx didn’t let me down.

Defined by an output of production that collides at a crossroad of pop and rock influences, each song on Lie Out Loud really cements Bloxx as that bitch (don’t worry, I got permission from the band on Twitter to refer to them as this – they agreed). From titular opener ‘Lie Out Loud’, with its brazen guitar lines and infectious melody, to the racy NSFW moment ‘Off My Mind’, Bloxx take us on a no-holds-barred journey through their world. And it’s a tantalising world indeed, filled with loud drums, arena-sized vocals and lyrics that were built for screaming along to.

As a songwriter, Fee knows what she’s about, and exactly what she wants to say. ‘5000 Miles’ tells the story of a long-distance relationship, with Fee’s lover succumbing to a New York City lifestyle whilst she can do nothing but pine for her from across the world. Conversely, Fee grapples with uncertainty over a partner whose grip she is trying to wriggle out of on ‘Give Me The Keys’, which begins with my favourite thing ever, an exclamation of “OH SHIT!” (we love an ad-lib).

Functioning as a resident sad girl, I was pleasantly bowled over by acoustic number ‘What You Needed’. Sombre lyrical content paired with stripped back guitar, underlined by the occasional hint of light percussion, acts as a reprieve as the album draws to a close. It’s a standout track by its composition alone, wedging a different sound amongst a familiar tone developed across the album. I’m impressed by the versatility of it.

Go ahead and give Lie Out Loud by Bloxx, aka indie’s next big thing, a listen. I know I’ll be taking advantage of that repeat button for a while.

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