Nothing’s better than getting food delivered to your door, and BrunchBox’s latest single ‘Palace’ certainly satisfies the appetite. The trio reformed last year after splitting in 2018 to go do Uni things, but have returned with a new set of stories and tunes that make us welcome them back with open arms.

Hot off the trail of ‘Flyover’ comes ‘Palace’, a short and snappy number that breathes life and sunshine into the mind. Written about good times with friends and doing things like going outside to do stuff, the song is a sweet reminder of what we had and what we shall (hopefully) get to do again. Full of bright melodies, easy-going riffs and a seriously upbeat attitude, it has all the tools to make your day, every day.

BrunchBox have gifted us with sunshine in a song with ‘Palace’. It is a wonderful tune that takes a bittersweet mindset and uplifts it into a feeling of excitement of experiencing it sometime soon. Yum yum. I love it.

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