Sometimes, following the rampant course of events 2020 obliged us to wallow in for what seemed like eons, I remark on how grateful I am for a second chance. A second chance at what exactly? A life unencumbered, where I and another grappler (ground fighter) attempt to finish each other with Guillotines, Americana Armlocks, Ezekiel Chokes, and other foundational moves of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu… Granted, that might not be everybody’s ideal return to normalcy, but you get the picture.

The Buzzards of Fuzz new release ‘Lonely In Space’ is an infinitesimal grave boasting romanticisms of lethargy with evocative sulky sighs. Fragments of buoyancy find themselves in an otherwise hazy distortion. I am picturing primitive psych-rock boulders (comets? meteorites?)  exploding into minuscule remnants only to be intertwined by magnetic groves…

Yes, I understand this is most likely scientifically inaccurate but the development of this hypnotic hazy ensemble transcends the need for scientific validation…also I failed science.

We owe credit to The Buzzards of Fuzz, which manifests in the form of Van Bassman (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Benjamin J. Davidow  (Supporting Vocals, Lead Guitar) & Charles Wiles (Supporting Vocals, Bass, Percussion). The band’s first complete record, The Buzzards of Fuzz, is promised to be released in September 2021.

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