‘Summer’ is the new single from Chloe Lilac. This emerging artist from Brooklyn has been making quite the name for herself this year, with her last single ‘Stolen Liquor’ reaching that sweet number 1 spot on The Hype Machine. Now with this new single, Chloe’s looking to keep riding that wave of momentum, and it’s looking like this wave’s going nowhere.

This upbeat little tune is filled with everything you could want from a summer anthem. It’s got the simple hooks, carefree harmonies and an underlying sense that everything’s going to be alright. But what I like most about the track is how rough-edged it is. ‘Summer’ is not afraid to come with slightly jagged edges and thanks to some distorted guitars, what could be yet another summer song becomes one that stands out from the crowd.

There’s a heaviness to it that tears through the floaty atmosphere and gives it a right sense of oomph that cannot be denied. ‘Summer’ is a great song from Chloe Lilac, and I am quickly becoming a fan.


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