Hey everybody! Let’s all say hi to Coco Reilly! Coco is a singer-songwriter from Nashville and this is her debut ‘Define You’. It’s a bittersweet love song that highlights the trouble of being defined by the relationship, and having your partner stick you into a box of traits that you’re unable to break out from. That’s not nice – relationships should enhance both personalities, not restrict them. For instance, my relationship enhances the fact that I really like to fart and make my other half gag from the smell. It’s nice.

‘Define You’ is an easy-going listen with psychedelic guitars strolling along the airwaves at a casual pace, while Coco’s band bring forth all sorts of melodies and harmonies to add a touch of Tennessee twang to the mix. Coco’s breathy vocals add to the overall chilled vibes of the song, and it all makes for some pleasant listening.

This is a solid introduction from Coco Reilly. ‘Define You’ is a very self-assured tune that opens the door for more psychedelic avenues to be explored in future releases, and that intrigues me quite a bit. Hi, Coco.


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