Collars get underway with debut single ‘Heart Beats’. The Cambridgeshire duo are made up of Dan and Kane and they hold quite the unique set up. Dan takes care of the writing and singing, while Kane plays the guitar and drums AT THE SAME TIME.  I can barely walk in a straight line, yet this guy’s performing drums with his feet with strumming away on the guitar. Crazy.

‘Heart Beats’ is a track that fills the heart with feelgood vibes. Its instrumental is driven by a punchy guitar/drum combo –providing oomph to bright, acoustic chords that immediately aim for the hips. Already it sounds like an earworm, but the addition of synths towards the end tips it into real obsessive territory. The vocals bring more life into the song, swooning and crooning over the mix to really keep things bouncing.

‘Heart Beats’ is a great song, and a good introduction from Collars. Their setup produces some interesting rhythms, adding all sorts of melodies and harmonies to the mix and making their sound far greater than the sum of its parts. Very excited to hear what’s next from them.

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