Cool Jerks sum up the frustrated, implosive nature of modern society with their superb debut album England.

As I’ve gotten older, one thing that’s become apparent is that a lot of people are dicks. Neighbours? Friends? Politicians? Family? My cat? ALL DICKS. Big dicky dicks. This has been spurred by the actions of many over the last couple of years, which has caused a lot of terrible things to happen like Brexit, Tories, and the existence of mushrooms. It’s certainly contributed to the creation of a society fuelled by frustration, which is captured perfectly by Leeds’ Cool Jerks and their debut album, England.

This anger and frustration is often brought to the forefront in media, and this mood is reflected throughout England. From the scathing guitars of opener ‘We Live in Hell’, it’s apparent that the album is going to knock you for six. The insanity of the drums collides with energetic guitars throughout, causing one of the most thrilling introductions this year.

‘Tory Paradise’ is a flurry of venomous yet catchy riffs that bash through the skull and stick to the mind. The vocals are near-incomprehensible with rage, bellowing the title over and over. Its DIY attitude has a scrappiness to it that really floods the ears. Harnessing a fuck you attitude I wish I could adopt. It comes into full swing with the wonderful combo of ‘EH’ and ‘YOU’, a glorious Ant & Dec of Punk that’s prepared to deck anybody that comes too close.

‘Modern Man’ resents the idea of being a regular guy with a regular job and throws a middle finger to office life. It speaks to me on a level like no other, as it makes me feel I can tell Jane to fuck off with her “fri-yays” and “hump days”. Fuck off, Jane. ‘England is Burning’ throws shots at the EDL-types who go out protecting statues while making sure their heads shine bright with racism.  

England is a fantastic album from Cool Jerks. It holds no punches and firmly calls out the state of the country, delivering knockout blows along the way. The record is full of scrappy instrumentals that are full of seriously entertaining riffs, and it makes for some great listening. Anything that makes me say ‘big dicky dicks’ is sure to be a winner.

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