Catchy bass, addictive vocals and a whole lot of personality make Liverpool’s Crawlers’ latest single ‘Hush’ one to remember.

The rock quartet dropped ‘Hush’ last week – and it’s all we can listen to. Committed to fighting against musical tedium, Crawlers have developed a totally unique brand of modern rock infused with 00’s style.

‘Hush’ is no exception, a massive track that would be as at home at Download Festival as it would be in a coming of age teen film from 2003 (think ‘Take Me Away’ from Freaky Friday but with a lot less autotune and more attitude).

Talking on the track, Crawlers said it ‘covers the idea of finally catching feelings again after getting over someone who has consumed your interest for a long time. It refers to the first spark when meeting someone new: the encounter that helps you realise the possibility of loving again.’

Maybe that’s why it’s such a versatile track, we can all find solace in it, a bit of anger, a bit of despair and a dash of hope. With its short runtime, it’s the best song to binge and get all your 2020 feelings out.

Accompanied by a performance video (watch below) which serves as a better introduction to Crawlers than words ever could. It’s a totally intoxicating performance from the band that will have you caught up in their whirlwind straight away.

With huge support from radio stations nationwide, it looks like we’ll be hearing a lot more from Crawlers in the coming months.

‘Hush’ is available to stream on all platforms now. Catch the video performance below.

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