‘Terribly True’ is the debut single from Toronto’s Deanna Petcoff. Deanna has begun to branch out into her own adventure following the disbanding of former band Pins & Needles, and looks set to make an impact of her own. And blimey does this song make an impact.

With an instrumental that flits between easy-going head bobs and hard hitting headbangs, ‘Terribly True’ details Deanna’s struggle of coming to terms with the realisation that she was into the idea of love rather than into the person she was with. It’s a very ballsy topic to come out with for a debut, but Deanna illustrates it in a way that’s so grounded that it’s pretty admirable, in a way.

The song has a wonderful direction of following the highs and lows of the lyrics, coasting along nicely for the reflective parts but also crumbling apart during the heavier words. It’s great, and this little narrative it has really helps it sink into your mind too. ‘Terribly True’ is an honest, bold and excellent little listen, and an easy way to become a fan of Deanna. Nice work.

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