Deep Talk follow up their festive debut with the intriguing and jaunty new single ‘Win’. It goes into detail about female friendships, and how tough it is to witness somebody try to “be better” despite already being a wonderful ray of sunshine. Sometimes we do need to give ourselves a break, but its often hard to see that. However, what is clear to see is how good this track is.

Existing within the realms of Indie and Rock, Deep Talk revel in their ability to float between the two. ‘Win’ has a sound I haven’t heard before. With post-punk drums that are primal in their determination yet deliver an off-beat groove I cannot ignore. Paired with synths and driving bass lines, I get a strong sense of ‘Lotus Flower’ by Radiohead vibes. It has that unnerving quality that makes you wonder if you really should be dancing.

The guitars add to this haunting atmosphere, flitting between downtrodden melodies and palm muted scratches to maintain the song’s jagged exterior. It’s like it has an impending sense of dread, which makes it sound even more thrilling. Christina Li’s vocals fit in perfectly with it. Coming in with the right amount of accessibility to make the chorus really shine as a hook.

‘Win’ is a fascinating listen. It’s one of the strangest, interesting songs I’ve heard in a while. The instruments sound paired together like a bad group project yet form a sound that works while showing off its imperfections, which I really like. It grooves and creeps me out all at once, something I can enjoy again and again.

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