Destroy Boys return with new single ‘Muzzle’. Clocking in at just over a minute, this is a track that arrives, says what it needs to say, and leaves. Badass. With rumours of a new album in the works, ‘Muzzle’ works as an appetiser while also being the perfect song to get absolutely hyped to.

Written about a relationship that saw boundaries and basic human decency disrespected, ‘Muzzle’ pulls no punches and erupts with pure aggression. Vocals from Violet Mayugba are filled with anger and chaos, launching into a tirade of words that call out the toxic behaviour with defiance (“You don’t know me / You don’t see me / You think I’m trash and you think I’m mean / I am not your fucking mannequin”). These are supported brilliantly by harmonies that scream through the speakers, letting out even more anguish and passion that seep into the guitars.

The instrumental also keeps up the pace with a series of serious riffage tearing through the airwaves, paying homage to classic punk rock that exists to make noise and fuck shit up. It’s awesome. This is awesome. Fuck toxic people. ‘Muzzle’ is great.

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