Dua Lipa has become one of Pop’s biggest breakout stars in recent times, responsible for bringing some of the industry’s modern classics and featuring on some pretty huge tunes too. Personally, I’ve never been a fan, but I didn’t think I’d be here today, bigging up her new album. Future Nostalgia is the name of the new album, and it is dead good.

What makes it dead good is how consistent it is. The sound is a modern hybrid of Funk and Pop, blending elements of Prince and Janelle Monáe together to create something that easily appeals. The title track opens the record with a cool, composed vibe akin to Monáe’s “Make Me Feel”, with vocals full of confidence that fend off the steely instrumental. This confidence leads to “Don’t Start Now” which despite being a massive hit, features some slick basslines, undeniable grooves and a real accessible nature that makes it hard to dislike. It’s the “Uptown Funk” of the year, a song that’s universally liked.

Even as we dive into the deep cuts the record still offers plenty. The vocal harmonies of “Levitating” have brevity that matches its name perfectly, and the snappy rhythm of “Hallucinate” makes for some good listening. New single “Break My Heart” offers a more emotive insight but still strikes the hips. Once again, this shows that the album was designed to be consumed as an album and not focused as two big singles with some extra tracks added on.

In a rather refreshing change, Future Nostalgia is not a record plastered with features from other pop megastars, nor does it feel the need to aim for the latest trends. It’s a record that sticks to a sound while being totally accessible throughout, becoming one of the most cohesive and best pop records of the year.

Listen to Future Nostalgia below and check out Dua Lipa on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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