Express Office Portico are a five-piece band from Nottingham, and this is their debut single ‘I Like It Weird’. Taking influences from classic and modern-day stars of Synth Pop and rocking both male and female lead vocalists, this emerging act look to blur the lines between mental and physical health to create something that appeals to the hips as well as the mind.

Straight away, ‘I Like It Weird’ is undeniably catchy. From the second you hit play you’re transported into a world full of life. Upbeat drums lay down a groove as synths and guitars scatter the air with melodies. Already becoming an earworm. The vocal dynamic works really well as both voices add additional layers to the mix, and come together often to form hooks of their own. I especially like how the synths seem to evaporate behind each word.

‘I Like It Weird’ is a fantastic song and is strong introduction from Express Office Portico. I’m a sucker for instrumentals that are full of groove, so I could’ve gotten lost in this forever. But outside of the immediate hooks are lyrics that are open and honest, detailing a struggle with OCD that really adds some needed depth to the song. It leaves me excited to hear more from these guys, for sure.

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