Faerie is the project of New York artist Christine Lam and this is her new EP 2am. Nowadays I’m never awake for 2am, although sometimes I’m greeted by a puppy staring dead-eyed at me and left a broken mess afterwards. What are you thinking, little puppy? One day he will eat my face, and that will be it. I don’t mind. So long as he doesn’t wake me up.

Made up of two songs and two remixes, 2am is a short burst of pastel colours that delivers pure indie-pop to the veins. There’s no fuss, just feel-good vibes to sleepily bounce to. ‘Fever Dream’ personifies this sound. Combating against the fog of toxic relationships and isolation, it doesn’t allow the negativity to overwhelm the instrumental. The way the melodies flow against the words adds a rhythm to them, bleeding them into the bubbling bass notes and synthesisers that seem to echo into the atmosphere. It’s a superb tune, and no wonder Faerie kicked off her career with it as her debut.

‘White Noise’ offers a much more muted sound that eventually blooms into its personality. Cold synth sounds pierce through the warm glow of ‘Fever Dream’ against vocals that act as frost against glass. I love the use of space against the chorus of “Just give me a minute, my space to breathe” which brings in a rush of sound that sounds as summery as ‘Fever Dream’.

I could listen to 2am all day. Both songs are glorious examples of indie-pop done well. Intertwining layers of sound to deliver grooves and dramatic moments, all wrapped up in songs filled with hooks. It is ridiculously easy to get into it.

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