‘Go With The Flow’ is the new single from Falcon Jane, and is a sweet reminder to look out for their third album Feelin’ Freaky in the summertime. This track is all about taking it easy, and letting you know that it’s okay to take a step back and enjoy existing for a moment or two.

With lazily strummed guitars, an easy-going drum beat and vocals that seem to swim amongst the layers, ‘Go With The Flow’ is a wonderful way to realise that what you’re stressing about isn’t worth stressing about, and allows you to chill out while listening to it. I really like the subtle noises that chime in throughout, and the voice behind the vocals is pure joy.

I was off work the other day as I was a little bit snotty but also because I just could not be bothered to pretend to care about finance that day. Instead I managed to finish a season of Detectorists, made a bacon sandwich and watched the birds feeding and bathing in the sunshine. It was immense, and I feel like doing it all over again thanks to this song. ‘Go With The Flow’ is a great song, and I look forward to hearing more reasons to take the day off work again via Falcon Jane soon.


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