Family Dinner release debut EP You’re So Cool. I was never a big fan of family dinners. It would depend on the size of the family. Immediate? Yeah, that’s tolerable but extended? No, thank you. I’d get asked questions like “What’s happening with your love life?” “What’s happening with your career?” “What’s happening with your hairline?” Ugh, please.

However, I am a BIG fan of this Family Dinner in particular. The New York actblend together influences like Hole, Dinosaur Jr. and The Cranberries to create a whole load of noise that celebrates the gloriousness of 90s Grunge with a side dish of Punk-Pop. The result is an EP I’m sure to be listening to throughout this year.

You’re So Cool took five days to record, an urgency that’s reflected in the EP. Its title track wastes no time jumping straight to the matter of bashing your face in. A glorious flood of distorted guitars washes over you, throwing you into a chaotic atmosphere that is always moving onto the next destination.

Lead single ‘Eyes’ details the joy of pets. How they always wait for you to come home and how you spend the entirety of your plans wishing to be with them. This unconditional love bleeds into the track, softening the guitars ever so slightly and bringing a melodic edge to them. I love that the pace is not compromised, even for the harmonic hooks that’ve no choice but to catch up. It’s sweet and hectic all at once.

The psychedelic, thunderous breakdown in ‘Mahogany’ is a real highlight, and I can’t help but admire how tight the drums sound. The harmonies are also a delight and are proper satisfying to sing along to. Finally, ‘Song 4 (Bloom)’ closes out the EP with a last hurrah of noise that widens the atmosphere with heavy reverb coating the vocals and guitars, before filling it with lashings of riffage. I get some real Miss June vibes from it.

You’re So Cool is an excellent EP. It celebrates its influences in a big way, ramming them down your throat at a pace you cannot contend with. It’s a blast, and an introduction I wish to relive again and again.

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