Five O Fives return with their newest single ‘Something To Do’. It’s a complete change of pace from their dreary looking debut ‘Through the Darkness’, throwing all sorts of colour into your face as it reminisces of a time we could, you know, GO OUTSIDE and DO STUFF. I miss those days. Boy, I cannot wait to hope for cancelled plans again.

It is hard to feel down when you’re listening to this song. It’s like sunshine for the ears. If you look inside my ears the drums will be BEAMING. ‘Something To Do’ is complete with all manner of noodling melodies that swirl around the light-hearted tempo and steady percussion. Everywhere you turn, noodles aplenty. References to drinking with friends and almost regretting next morning’s hangover are met with scrappy riffs that really bring you back to the last good summer. It’s great.

‘Something To Do’ is a great song from Five O Fives. Everything about it is so wholesome, and I cannot wait to have it playing in the background of all the memories we’ll have outside again.

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