Built on a love of Hip-Hop and influenced by RnB and Electronica, ‘Guilt and Pleasure’ is the debut single from Fleming. The Austrian artist’s introduction details the feelings that come with entering an intense relationship, picking apart the moments of love, lust and fear to deliver a hit that shines in all the right places.

Its tone is set immediately by the intro, with synthesisers producing off-kilter melodies that are quick to sink into the hips. A rigid rhythm is produced by drums that contribute at the right moments with chimes of cymbal or a firm hit of snare. The instrumental leaves you almost breathless, allowing you to be tipped over the edge by Fleming’s vocals. Oh boy. Slightly distorted, they deliver lines such as “Just take me back to the hotel room and let me love you” to further enhance the sensuality and deliver choruses and hooks that sound straight out of Prince’s catalogue.

Straight up, sexiest song of 2020. ‘Guilt and Pleasure’ has a retro feeling to it yet comes in with modern elements that makes it a timeless classic. I absolutely need to cool off right now.

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