‘Misery’ is the new single from London’s own Foundlings. These guys bio on Bandcamp state that they rock ‘harder than a nut roast’ and well if that’s the case, these guys know how to rock hard. It takes a lot to defeat a nut roast, I find. I even hear that some of the world’s greatest creations are infact made out of the stuff. The Pyramids? 100% nut roast my friend.

With roaring guitar riffs and thunderous drums, ‘Misery’ is a song determined to get you aggressively bobbing your head. It’s constant high tempo rocks through the airwaves with pure ferocity which elevates the instrumental into being straight up fire. Yasss. Foundlings are only two singles deep at this stage of their career, but I think it’s fair to say that it might be worth keeping an ear or two out for these guys.

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