Since starting Sounds Good back in August 2016, they’ve been a couple artists you could say have become synonymous with the blog. Fox Medicine have certainly become one of those bands, and while they’ve helped out the blog numerous times they’ve also become one of my favourite bands too. January 2017 saw the beginning of a relationship that has otherwise blossomed into one full of character, superb emails and a sense of yearning of wishing to meet them in person. The duo released their new album Greetings From Mars this year and quickly became one of the best records I’ve heard in 2018 so far, so it was an honour to be able to have a second interview with them. As always, support Fox Medicine by checking out their Facebook / Bandcamp / Instagram profiles as well as their own website, and enjoy the interview. Another thing: ‘Pickled as fuck’ might be my favourite quote ever.

HEY Fox Medicine, how’s it going? Just wrapped up a video shoot for “Stars”. Feeling good. Apparently some guy just jumped off the third floor, high on acid and all these cop cars are flashing outside. He’ll be fine, he’s going to the hospital and the neighbours are all finally getting to know each other…

But we are great. Recovering from a bunch of big shows we just played.

We last spoke over a year ago after the release of your Noise Nurse Demos, in which you mentioned that Fox Medicine was formed off the back of ‘years of fermentation’ and ‘giving a voice to the monster’. Do you feel even more pickled and monstrous nowadays? Pickled as fuck dude…but we of course always wanna get more pickled. Yes and Yes. Very hungry monsters…multiple heads.

You’ve just released your new album Greetings From Mars. What can you tell us about it? What’s life like on Mars? I can tell you it was supposed to have more songs on it, but we ran out of time. I had a busy year having to travel for months at a time and same with Vanny, so we basically just did the drums in one weekend, and then piece by piece whenever we could… there will def. be a follow up/ part 2 if you will VERY SOON. Life on Mars is fiery inside and super cold on the outside and the inhabitants, well they are gone, they messed up somewhere along the way and got wiped out… I tried to psychically retrieve all those cosmic lessons from them and infuse the record with it. The masculine energy is also undeniable. We just went for a quick jaunt, change of scenery. Will def. go back soon.

Does the new record take any influence or tricks from the material we heard on Noise Nurse Demos? Not really. But it’s funny that you say that.. I found some old youtube videos of shows where I performed those songs in like 2009.. it was a nice treat.. Who knows tho, they all come from the same place.. Do you see any similarities?

It’s a record that seems determined to pound some riffage into your face, but also has a bit of groove to it in parts. Was this an intended element of the sound of Greetings From Mars or are you both just naturally funky aliens? We are obviously funky aliens and as much as I try to write slow and brooding songs, which is usually the type of music I like, somehow my songs end up super hyper energetic and riffy. It’s just how they want to be. I can’t even help it. Although this new batch of songs will be a lot darker and colder…like the morning after sort of thing…or dark side of mars if you will.


As per the album title, do you see yourselves as aliens on earth or in the music industry? I know in our interview previously it was mentioned that you two were determined to bring ‘heavy music back’ and make the guitar relevant. Do you still feel that way? Absolutely. Bring Guitar Back! Forever! But also great analogy… sure we feel like aliens…but it’s more about being bored of Earthly matters and perhaps the romantic notion of starting over on Mars, as human kind is soon set to be dropped off there, one way ticket style… It’s very exciting. The title also refers to the idea that you can try to distance yourself from all the nonsense on earth…like a postcard to remind you that there are other worlds and ideas out there.

As far as the music industry comment, I think we exist outside of it. I mean we just serve the hot noise to the people directly and get our kicks that way.

What’s next for Fox Medicine in 2018? Live shows, more voyages in space, a chance to come over to the UK and melt my face off with noise? We’re trying to play a tonne of shows to promote the record and sprinkle space dust on the humans. So yeah lots of shows. We’re all booked up til mid-July right now and UK is def. on the radar!! Just booked some shows in Germany, so that will be FM’s Europe debut. You’ll just have to wait and see. We’re always up to something.

What can you tell us about your cat and the never-ending war with fleas? Oh dude! Last summer was the worst!! I walk my big fluffy cat Miko outside every day and he likes to roll around in dirt so I have to be super careful. I started vacuuming him with the little battery powered car cleaner and I think I’m onto something. Wish me luck. These things are on freakin steroids. The irony is that I used to have a band called My Flea Circus… although I’m starting to think they’re kind of cute.

Finally, if you could close out this interview with one final thought, what would it be? Listen to Greetings from Mars with headphones or through really really good speakers. Otherwise you will miss all the sneaky little details and alien messages. Listen closely!!!!! The devil is in the details!!!


  1. “it’s more about being bored of Earthly matters” truer words about the inspiration behind great music were never spoken.

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