Foxglove are back with ‘Give It Up’, the follow up to ‘Bright Lights’, which blew me away back in November. The song immediately made me a fan of the Manchester band. Now with this new single they look to continue building momentum and hit just as hard with another euphoric hit.

Steeped in shoegaze and dashed with nostalgia, ‘Give It Up’ sees Foxglove bring the goods once again. Guitars form giant walls of noise coated in distortion, backed by the softest of chords and melodies that strike with their cold exterior. Rather than soar beyond the skies it dives into the depths instead. Reflecting on the 90s and bringing some pained lyrics to the forefront that makes this an insightful, yet bittersweet listen. But as much as it hurts, the song floods the airwaves with another dose of larger-than-life instrumentals that only Foxglove can bring to the ears.

‘Give It Up’ is great. It’s a vibrant descent that takes you on a journey through time and packs a punch while bringing old school elements into the now. I could happily bathe in those pools of guitars again. With back-to-back bangers released, Foxglove are sure to be ones to watch this year.

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