With new album Forget Your Head out later this week, Vancouver’s FRANKIIE have released new single “Funny Feelings”. The four-piece have released a handful of singles in the run up to the record, but it’s this new track that’s really getting me excited.

I’ve been on a real Western hype since watching Kill Bill over the weekend (what a great film that is, eh?) and FRANKIIE have come along with a sound that transports me straight back to the land of the yee-haw. “Funny Feelings” is the soundtrack to a world that’s covered in sand, danger and excitement. Dusty guitar riffs and melodies scatter the airwaves whilst female vocals dissipate into the atmosphere, creating a real sense of mystery to the track. It’s a track that moves at its own pace, but absolutely scours the land and picks out its target, and fortunately for us, we’re the victims. What a tune.


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