Galactic Dust are back with new single ‘The Pizza Song’. The North-London trio got underway last year with the release of ‘DiscoDust’, a song that quickly introduced us to their sweet, soulful sound that bubbled with groove. This new single bubbles a little more with rhythm, and immediately becomes a new favourite of mine.

Everybody knows pizza is the GOAT food, so anyone who writes about it is sure to be a good’un. Galactic Dust do an excellent job with the lyrics, blurring the lines between pizza preferences and puns throughout. It’s not afraid to be a little too on the nose but backs it up with a sterling instrumental that makes you want to eat it all up.

Jovial synths surround the room with an upbeat atmosphere, accompanied by wandering guitars and led into the hips by bluesy vocals. What I like is that it’s not all cheese and sauce. Beneath the layers are references to body image and empowerment, which the song does a valiant job of battling against. There’s a depth to the song that you wouldn’t get anywhere else, meaning I’ll be a repeat customer.

‘The Pizza Song’ is a fantastic song that not only celebrates pizza but also the joy of simply having a good time. There’s no room to overthink and worry, it’s all about the dancing synths and smooth basslines here. This song is great, and Galactic Dust have made themselves one to watch this year.

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