I’m a huge fan of the strange, so anything that resides within that territory of bizarre is dead good with me. But this is no plaice to talk about me, it’s all about ĠENN and their newest single ‘Mackerel’s Funky Mission’. Written as an escapism from everything happening in the world, not only is this song original but it’s absolutely krill-er.

Steeped in percussion and laced with sleek guitars throughout, ‘Mackerel’s Funky Mission’ lives up to its name in a big way. The instrumental sounds so cool, strutting (swimming?) its way through the airwaves with a tight drum beat that keeps it locked in rhythm. I love the vibrancy of the chorus, which sees the steely vocal delivery mixed with almost-primal harmonies behind, adding to the vivid imagery that bleeds through the song.

Being a fish during lockdown would be ideal, I imagine. You could swim wherever you want and probably not need to worry about social distancing. Plus, I reckon all restaurants would still be open under the sea. Looking on TripAdvisor it seems like the most popular is KF-Sea. I’d like to know why ĠENN chose a Mackerel over other fish, but I do respect it and feel that it has succeeded in this funky mission.

With their upcoming EP Liminal out at the end of the month, I cannot wait to hear more of this absurdist, brilliant creativity from ĠENN. ‘Mackerel’s Funky Mission’ is superb.


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