Ghost Fan Club is the project of Tyler Costolo, and this is his debut single ‘Passing Through’. Tyler’s been featured numerous times on Sounds Good under the Two Meters name, but with things heading into a more metal-oriented vibe, Tyler has created this new moniker to continue masking the “emo bedroom music” that he loves.

Written around Tyler’s birthday this year, ‘Passing Through’ details the feeling that life is passing by with little impact, and ponders if that would ever go away. The mid-tempo pace illustrates this perfectly, allowing the melodies to drift by against the vocals. I love the additional notes of guitar that seem to spark amongst the gloom, and the straight-forwardness of the drums. ‘Passing Through’ is steeped in sadness but is arguably Tyler’s most accessible song to date. Emo bedroom music is right, but I cannot get enough of it.

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