New week, new playlist! The Good Sounds Playlist returns with another set of ten tracks from artists new and old, all with the ability to make you dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge! Including our #SotW from Team Picture, a cut from the excellent Red Magic from Damn the Witch Siren, a classic from Spoon and arguably the greatest closing track of the 2000s from Arctic Monkeys. We’re so close to hitting the 25 subscribers mark it hurts. If you could tip us over the edge and spread the word about the Good Sounds then please do so, but until then, enjoy!

Good Sounds Playlist | 12.03.2018:

Team Picture – ‘(I Want Your) Life Hack’

Ceramic – ‘Running out of Road’

Junction Five – ‘I’m Alright’

Damn the Witch Siren – ‘Fuck Me (Like We’re In Love)’

Spoon – ‘The Underdog’

Great White Shore – ‘City I Built’

The FMs – ‘Eyes Are Suffering’

Red Steppes – ‘I Did Not Speak It’

O’Neill Hudson – ‘I’m All You’

Arctic Monkeys – ‘A Certain Romance’

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