Grizzly Coast is the project of Alannah Kavanagh and this is her debut EP, Party of One. It’s a record that speaks about loneliness, detailing Alannah’s time in 2018 where she felt like an island and her mental health was going haywire. I feel like an island sometimes and wish for people to be shipwrecked and have no choice but to hang out with me. We’d play games and besides a roaring flame without ever considering who’d be eaten first. Friendship goals.

Though the theme is quite insular, Party of One has a bright and bubbly sound that invites others to come and have a dance. ‘Catch & Release’ showcases the joy of being amongst friends by embracing the full band sound. Reflected by the pairing of loud guitars and thunderous drums, it creates a real song for the summer, especially with those dancing melodies.

‘Forever’ brings an intimate approach to the ears, slowing down the pace and allowing Alannah to talk about the themes in a way that resonates. I like the way the instrumental takes its time to get the story out there, before launching into a mid-tempo section that again sounds sun kissed. ‘Lonely Planet’ builds upon this intimacy wonderfully, featuring melodies in the middle of the dancefloor while the vocals sound distanced from it all.

Party of One is a wonderful EP from Grizzly Coast. Because of its easy-going nature, and instrumentals that are filled with twists and turns, it’s easy to get into. While the music is effortlessly catchy, it’s the lyrics that have you returning to the EP. Alannah’s storytelling is excellent and gives an insight into the thoughts and feelings she felt during the EP’s creation. It’s an EP that attaches itself to you and has all the tools to make you reminisce of similar times, and considering that this is a debut, it makes it even more of a triumph.

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