Guillotine Sunbeam is a FANTASTIC name for a project and it is also the musical product of Yoni Collier. Yoni has been around the industry for a little while now but is now finally looking at releasing his own material, and that starts off with the superb new single ‘Bars Beneath Your Skin’. I’m super stoked to premiere this debut to you today, especially as the track is real good.

With wonderfully crisp production, Collier takes this song from a subtle, shimmering display of bright synths and atmospheres into a wondrous soundscape that crashes against the speakers and leaves you stuck in the middle of it all. It has an excellent stop/start motion to it which really helps drive up the energy and general ferociousness of the instrumental, and Collier’s vocals pierce through with crystal clear clarity. ‘Bars Beneath Your Skin’ is immense, and certainly sets off Guillotine Sunbeam’s career off in a big way.

Here’s what Yoni himself had to say about the release and the single itself: “It’s really exciting to be putting out the first Guillotine Sunbeam single – but it’s also hugely nerve-wracking. I’ve never put out a solo record before, and it feels really different to being in a band; I no longer have my support-team around me and it feels kinda exposed! There’s something very satisfying about making a track completely on your own and sending it out into the world though.

I don’t like going into too much detail about my lyrics, but in broad terms the song is about the creepiness of giant corporations knowing every last detail about you. With all the Facebook stuff in the news at the moment, it feels grimly relevant this week.”



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