Say So” is the new single from Holly Ann, an artist from Portland who is set to release her new EP After All of This Time on Friday. Holly has released two albums so far in her career – 2010’s Ravens and 2016’s Light & Bloom – and looks to build upon her sparkling discography with another set of songs that dazzle the mind.

The lead single of After All of This Time pairs the styles of singer-songwriter with indie rock wonderfully, creating a sound that seeps into the emotions while tearing apart the airwaves. Holly’s pained vocals delivers aching chorus hooks in “If you needed me why don’t you say so” against an instrumental that’s backed with strong drumming, crunchy electric guitars and topped with a sparkling set of piano. It performs with the vocals sweetly, but has all of the grit to become a proper hard hitting listen that’s captivated with a guitar solo that shreds our surprise to pieces. It would make J Mascis proud.

Holly Ann has provided a song that is, frankly, excellent. “Say So” is a powerful song that packs a punch while grabbing at the heartstrings, bringing with it all of the hooks and strong moments needed to make it into a truly wonderful listen. Good stuff.

Listen to “Say So” below and connect with Holly Ann on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  


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