You know, a lot of bands have been featured on Sounds Good whom I’ve become good friends with, or attribute a certain piece of history or time with. Whether or not that makes me a universal groupie, I don’t know. But there’s one particular band I share a connection with that’s lasted throughout the entire time we’ve been around. Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt is that band. Having submitted his debut album Tweaker In The Park back in 2011 just as I was starting out as a music blogger, it’s been cool to witness both of us grow as an artist and as a guy who uses music as a way to replace a social life.

Following the release of ‘New Friends’ back in 2016, HIAHC returns with another new single in the form of ‘Neighbourhood Cats’, the first of tracks to be dropped in anticipation for new album Vegas of Feelings. I personally had four cats growing up, but that doesn’t seem to matter to the ones that scarper anytime I come into their view when I’m walking to work. However, it seems Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt is making friends with them, and that makes me jealous.

‘Neighbourhood Cats’ showcases a steady progression in sound since the days of Tweaker In The Park. The new single has guitars that walk along with the vocals, snappy, preppy drums and of course, warm acoustic chords that seem to be a staple in HIAHC’s sound. It’s filled with melodies, riffs, grooves and hooks upon hooks that really make me wish cats liked me. It’s great.

Vegas of Feelings is gearing up to be a great record if ‘Neighbourhood Cats’ is anything to go by. Until next time, my friend.


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