“Afterparty” is the new single from Ivy Angel. She burst onto the scene last year with debut single “On My Own” and now looks to take the new year by storm with a new release that focuses on the real highlight of a night out. Let’s face it, the main event is almost guaranteed to be a disappointment, especially compared to the greasy kebab or box of cheesy chips you’re gonna grab on the way home and sloppily pile into your mouth, eventually leaving upon your face as you pass out until mid-afternoon.

Full Volume nailed it on the head with the Cashmere Cat comparison, as soft beats offer a much more subdued approach to a traditional club banger. There’s no need to worry about being sober enough to hear the playlist loop; “Afterparty” has an instrumental that grooves no matter how many times you hear it. Ivy’s vocals breathe harmonies between the layers of percussion and bass, while the occasional strum of guitar and the meandering goodness of the synthesiser could help even the most sleep-deprived of people have a good time.

Ivy Angel has got herself a hit in “Afterparty” and this is confirmed by it’s excellent music video. We proper admire the time and effort that must’ve gone into it’s creation, and the result is one of our favourites in years. Check it out.


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