Sometimes a good pitch can make reviewing a new single quite exciting. In a vast landscape of submission emails that range from good to bleh to oh dear god, occasionally there’s a sprightly turnip hidden in the mud that makes your day. ‘Sweet Julia’ is the new single from Jack Conman, who was pitched to me as a “lovely hummus boy”. As you can imagine, I was very excited to check him out. I’m relatively new to the hummus game, so haven’t fucked around too far beyond the realm of your usual flavours.

I absolutely love the big energy of red pepper hummus and in a similar way, ‘Sweet Julia’ is a song that yearns for a similar vibe: love. Delicate guitar chords ring out into the atmosphere, producing an almost silent setting for Jack and guest Emma Coleman’s vocals to explore. I love the way the two voices begin at a distance initially, but eventually come together to create a force, backed up by the surprise of drums. The song is a soft, insightful listen into vulnerability and is a joy to listen to.

Jack Conman on Instagram.


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