Jaguar Dreams are a three piece from NYC and this is their new single ‘Just Life’. This is their second single, so this little Jaguar is a mere sweet little baby. I can’t imagine what sort of dreams Jaguars have, mauling something to death? Maybe. Not this Jaguar though. This one’s dreaming of being a funky little superstar and well, you’ve certainly achieved that my dude.

Coming in with a bold set of synthesisers, ‘Just Life’ is a song that heads for the hips immediately but blooms into a wondrous soundscape that extends far beyond the universe. The vast vocals sound out across the room, and the airwaves are lifted by this uplifting sense of groove that makes it seem like everything is going to be alright. I love the mid-paced beats throughout this thing, and the overall vibe of it makes me wanna dance with some friends and loved ones. It’s great.

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