Jess Fitz is an artist from London and this is her debut single “I’m Fine”. It details the struggles of living in a city where everybody’s trying to make it, and offers an insight into a new artist who isn’t afraid to show her vulnerabilities. I’m also adjusting to life in the big city, although I do appreciate the vast restaurant choices. Plus I get to take a train home in which I do a lot of sobbing.

Blending together elements of Jazz and Pop, Jess Fitz creates a debut single that immediately grabs your attention. The combination of snappy drums against soaring horns creates a smooth atmosphere; a classy foundation for Jess’ massive vocals to lead the way. I love the repeated harmonies of the title in the background, further emphasising the notion of never truly giving your real emotions away. It makes for a well-rounded, fantastic listen.

I’m a huge fan of “I’m Fine” and will be keeping an ear out for more from Jess in future. Listen to the single below and check out Jess on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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